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Allied Chucker and Engineering Company

The Allied Chucker and Engineering Company is proud of its lengthy history serving industrial markets. With specialties centering around manufacturing and engineering larger components, ranging from 6-inches to 20-inches in diameter, our team is equipped to handle project sizes that other competitors cannot.  We invite you to read further about our company history and discover how Allied Chucker and Engineering Company got its start.

Early History of Allied Chucker and Engineering Company

In late 1948, a group of five young men in their 20’s started the Allied Engineering Company.  The manufacturing company they all had worked for just closed its doors and they saw an opportunity to take advantage of their combined skills and set out on a new business venture.  Melvin Schalhamer, a tool and process engineer, and Julian Van Maele, a toolmaker, were the nucleus of the team. With their guidance, the group of men began designing and making form tools and other specialty tooling for the local industry.

After a couple years, using their ability to design and make specialty tooling, the newly minted engineering group started precision machining castings and forgings for a local transmission and heavy duty truck industry company. That eventually became the core business, leading to  the name change of Allied Chucker and Engineering Company.

Allied Chucker and Engineering Company Through the Years

Throughout the years, Allied Chucker has continued to hone our skills, allowing us to become an engineering company capable of meeting demands for tight tolerances and high complexity manufacturing. Over time, Allied Chucker has developed strong relationships with our customers’ engineering departments, building strong connections by upholding our commitment to producing high-quality parts.

While much has changed over the course of Allied Chucker’s lifetime, one thing that has remained consistent has been our competency. Our reputation for delivering high-quality, high- value components has resulted in Allied Chucker making a name for itself as an industry leader. We invite new customers to see for themselves what working with a highly experienced engineering company can do for them!