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Serving the Agriculture Industry

Allied Chucker offers a wide range of high-quality parts and components for agriculture equipment. Explore the ways that Allied Chucker’s services can be used to meet every agricultural need for machined components.

Quality Agriculture Machined Parts

At Allied Chucker, we understand our agricultural clients’ daily demands. Countless customers depend on our agricultural clients to continually meet market demands for their products. Because of this, it is necessary that our client’s equipment is dependable through each season of agricultural production.

Fortunately, Allied Chucker is known for our track record of component machining success. Our parts allow the agricultural industry to continue running smoothly and efficiently, benefitting our clients and their customers alike.

CNC Machining for Agriculture Parts

The key to Allied Chucker’s ability to serve the agriculture industry is CNC machinery. By fully equipping ourselves, our facility is easily able to  ensure quick turnaround times for large orders of machined components for agricultural customers. In addition to CNC machinery, Allied Chucker uses no-contact automatic unloading equipment to ensure quality for every machined agricultural component.

Gear Hobbing for Agriculture Machined Parts 

In addition to CNC machining for agricultural components, Allied Chucker also provides high-quality gear hobbing services. A significant advantage of the gear hobbing process is that it is considerably cost-effective while maintaining tight tolerances, which further serves our agricultural customers’ needs.

Assembly for Agriculture Machined Parts 

As a company that proudly boasts our status as a “one-stop shop,” Allied Chucker is able to provide assembly services for machined agricultural component orders. Allied Chucker can serve as the only manufacturer needed for an entire project; Outsourcing is not needed. 

Broaching for Agriculture Machined Parts

Allied Chucker understands that agricultural projects may require a wide range of machined component sizes, which is why we broach ferrous materials and forgings from 5 pounds to 200 pounds, ranging in size from 5-inches up to 21-inches in diameter.