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Serving the Military Industry

Allied Chucker is a leading CNC machine shop in the area that specializes in producing critical aerospace, military and defense components to stringent military specifications. Explore the ways that our company can serve industry needs with our precision machining capabilities.

Quality Military Machined Parts

While Allied Chucker produces high-quality machined components for every industry we serve, we understand that the demands for precision are particularly crucial for military and defense applications. Because of this, our company employs a thorough quality assurance program to guarantee every order accomplishes an outstanding standard for accuracy. 

Because meeting higher quality standards is a challenging feat, many of our competitors are not capable of serving the needs of the military industry, but as a company dedicated to providing quality machined parts, Allied Chucker has invested time and resources to remain certified to partner with the military industry. We have registered and complied with the requirements from the U.S. Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and continue to be ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliant.

CNC Machining for Military Parts

Allied Chucker primarily serves the military industry by employing CNC machinery to produce precision machined parts. By maintaining a facility that is fully equipped with reliable CNC equipment and precision robots, Allied Chucker is in the position to produce a wide variety of military parts.

Gear Hobbing for Military Machined Parts

In addition to our large number of CNC machines, Allied Chucker also invests in several pieces of gear hobbing equipment to deliver these types of machined parts without needing to outsource to other companies.

Assembly for Military Machined Parts

As a company that proudly boasts our status as a “one-stop shop,” Allied Chucker is able to provide assembly services for machined military component orders. Because Allied Chucker can serve as the only necessary manufacturer for an entire project, outsourcing is often not needed.

Broaching for Military Machined Parts

Allied Chucker understands that Military industry projects may require a wide range of machined component sizes, which is why we broach ferrous materials and forgings from 5 pounds to 200 pounds, ranging in size from 5-inches up to 21-inches in diameter.