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Allied Chucker offers a wide range of high quality spare parts and components for automotive equipment. Explore the ways that Allied Chucker’s services can be used to meet every need for machined components.

Quality Machined Automotive Parts for the Heavy Truck Industry

Allied Chucker is well attuned to the demands of the transportation industry. Specifically, our expertise is uniquely geared towards heavy truck components. Because Allied Chucker makes it our mission to understand the distinct needs of our customers with heavy truck project needs, our team can produce high-quality parts for rarer transportation components. Whereas, a company that works primarily with smaller automotive projects may struggle to fulfill order requirements for heavy truck parts, Allied Chucker is equipped to fully take on our customers’ largest project needs and deliver reliable automotive parts.

CNC Machining for Automotive Parts

Allied Chucker is invested in continually reducing production turnaround times while maintaining high-quality finished results. By utilizing CNC machinery and offering CNC machining services, Allied Chucker can automate key aspects of the production process for automotive parts. While most companies in our industry employ CNC equipment, Allied Chucker is proud to have been one of the earlier companies to invest in CNC machinery, which has thoroughly solidified our experience using this technology.

Gear Hobbing for Automotive Machined Parts 

In addition to CNC machining for automotive parts, gear hobbing services are among the many services used to produce parts for heavy truck components. By offering this capability for automotive projects, Allied Chucker can produce tight tolerances for components while simultaneously saving customers money.

Broaching for Automotive Machined Parts

Broaching is a metalworking process often utilized for automotive parts. Allied Chucker can comprehensively meet the broaching needs of our customers with a wide range of parts sizing capability.

Assembly for Automotive Machined Parts 

As a company that proudly boasts our status as a “one-stop shop,” Allied Chucker can provide assembly services for machined heavy truck and automotive component orders. Allied Chucker can serve as the only manufacturer needed for an entire project, outsourcing is not needed.