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Axle Components

If you are in search of high-quality axle components, you have come to the right place! Not only does Allied Chucker supply customers with a wide range of axle components, we also pride ourselves on the exacting precision of our manufacturing process.

axle component hub

Axle Components: Steering Knuckles

Steering knuckles are crucial components of the automotive suspension system, as they are used to house spindles and wheel hubs. At Allied Chucker, we provide our customers with steering knuckles that are suited for any axle component assembly.

Axle Components: Brake Drums

Brake drums endure a great deal of friction due to their function in the braking system. As a result, Allied Chucker manufactures these axle components using iron, as this material is highly resistant to wear and erosion.

Axle Components: Spindles

Allied Chucker manufactures high-quality spindles to support the suspension systems of a wide variety of vehicles.

Axle Components: Yokes

Depending on the automobile, different types of yokes may be used to provide the best results. For example, Allied Chucker regularly supplies customers with end yokes, half yokes, and full-round yokes alike.

Axle Components: Wheel Hubs

As the primary components responsible for attaching wheels to the frame of their vehicles, wheel hubs must be manufactured to be reliable. With an excellent track record for quality, Allied Chucker is a trustworthy manufacturer for these important axle components. Furthermore, Wheel Hub and Drum Assembly is an additional option that Allied Chucker offers to our customers.

Axle Components: Companion Flanges

Allied Chucker manufactures a wide range of companion flanges to act as connecting components within axle systems.

axle component

Axle Components: Brackets

Looking for durable brackets to house axle assemblies? Allied Chucker collaborates with customers to supply them with brackets that will suit their precise needs.

Axle Components: Brake Rotors

There are several variations of brake rotors that customers may require. At Allied Chucker, we aim to meet everyone’s axle component needs, so we supply Blank & Smooth rotors, drilled rotors, slotted rotors, and drilled & slotted rotors.

axle component assembly

Axle Components: Planetary Gear Housings

A planetary gearbox is used to transfer the largest torque in the most compact form.