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Differential Cases

Differentials are vital to the powertrain of any vehicle, as are the cases that protect them. For quality differential cases, contact Allied Chucker. We supply customers in heavy-duty trucking with a range of differential cases with high quality and exacting precision.

Differential Cases machined by Allied

Our main differential cases come in two basic forms–plain half and flange half–which are then assembled into the full housing at your site. Allied can also machine differential cases with an outer diameter of up to 32 inches. We are experts at machining large, durable parts for semi-trucks and similar heavy-duty vehicles, and our cases are no different. Our components are versatile and made for smoother, quieter operation of the vehicle.


The different types of differential cases

Allied Chucker manufactures two types of differential cases: four-pin and two-pin. We’ve supplied 4-pin differential cases to heavy-truck manufacturers across the country for years. Also, we’ve recently begun developing 2-pin differential cases as well, further expanding our capabilities.

Quality differential housings for heavy-duty trucking

Allied Chucker is very experienced in the demands of the trucking industry, especially heavy-duty vehicle components. We utilize CNC machinery and robotics to manufacture our cases out of a variety of materials, such as cast iron, steel, or other metals and alloys. Thanks to our equipment and the talented team that oversees their operation, we maintain high precision and a high standard of quality.

Choose Allied Chucker for your heavy-duty transportation needs

Allied Chucker is IATF 16949-certified, so you can be certain of our dedication to continual improvement of our operations and our commitment to quality. We are here to supply you with durable differential casings, as well as other rarer transportation components for heavy trucks.