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Driveline Components

If you are in search of high-quality driveline components, you have come to the right place! Not only does Allied Chucker supply customers with a wide range of driveline components, we also pride ourselves on the exacting precision of our manufacturing process.

driveline components

Driveline Components: Yokes

Well-designed and constructed yokes are the key to improved steering control. These driveline components allow their vehicles to adjust to their environments, especially where rough terrain is involved. Depending on the automobile, different types of yokes may be used to provide the best results. For example, Allied Chucker regularly supplies customers with end yokes, half yokes, and full round yokes alike.

Driveline Components: Companion Flanges

Companion flanges are often used alongside flange yokes to ensure driveline systems are functional. At Allied Chucker, we prioritize the quality of these types of driveline components. Because of this, our entire product manufacturing operation is IATF-certified. IATF certification signals to customers that a company is performing at quality standards that are acceptable on a global scale. Allied Chucker’s comprehensive quality assurance program ensures that we consistently meet the standards of this important certification.

transmission component
small differential case housing driveline component

Slip Yokes

The slip yoke is a driveline component that is found in nearly every vehicle. It functions within the drive shaft to allow the components to rotate safely even when encountering harsh terrain.

Flange Yokes

In addition to the previously mentioned yoke types, a unique yoke option that Allied Chucker works with is the flange yoke. This driveline component is designed to be used alongside companion flanges, which can also be machined at Allied Chucker if necessary.