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Transmission Components

A transmission is a mechanical assembly of parts used to transmit power from an engine to another device, often a hydraulic pump (to drive a hydraulic cylinder) or rotating output shafts used to turn wheels and axles.

Transmission Parts: Clutch Pistons

Clutch pistons are an integral component of the transmission assembly, as these parts are used to convert the engine power of vehicles. At Allied Chucker, we supply our customers with dependable clutch pistons that will enable full force and speed control to the intended end-user.


Transmission Parts: End Plates

End plates are the transmission parts that are directly mounted onto  the valve body of the assembly. End plates work alongside control valves and speed sensors to ensure that control signals are transmitted properly. Allied Chucker manufactures end plates for a wide variety of vehicle types, meeting the unique needs of every customer. 

Transmission Parts: Companion Flanges

Companion flanges are available in a wide range of sizes and types. Whether our customers are working with splined or keyed shafts, Allied Chucker has the machining capabilities to manufacture companion flanges that will suit their precise needs, even going as far as customizing transmission parts when necessary.

Transmission Parts: Stator Supports

Allied Chucker customers know that our company manufacturers high-quality oil rings that work to seal transmission systems. In addition to these transmission parts, our company provides a range of stator supports that will further improve the functional capacity of transmission assemblies.

Transmission Parts: Yokes

Transmission housing benefits greatly from the use of yokes, as these transmission parts allow the driveshaft to remain in place during operation. Explore our range of yoke options by getting in contact with the Allied Chucker team!

Transmission Parts: Covers

Because transmission covers must withstand extreme environments during use, such as high temperatures and constant exposure to oil, moisture, and dirt, these covers must be manufactured with durability in mind. Allied Chucker implements a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure that every transmission part we manufacture is designed to meet difficult operational environments.

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