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Allied Chucker not only provides our customers with high-quality machining, we also offer assembly services for ferrous-cast and forged components. These assembly capabilities have proven useful for countless industries, including the automotive, military, marine, locomotive, construction equipment, and commercial industries.

axle component assembly

One-Stop Shop Assembly Capability

It is highly advantageous to partner with a manufacturer that not only provides machine services, but one that positions itself as a true one-stop shop. One-stop shops make their customers’ lives easier by offering value-adding services like assembly. Because Allied Chucker can serve as the only manufacturer needed for an entire project, outsourcing is not required. Allied Chucker is proud to be a machine shop that goes above and beyond by providing value-added assembly services. It also allows us to have complete control over the quality assurance process.

Our Teams Are Experts at Assembly

A machine shop can only achieve success if it is backed by an excellent workforce. While many manufacturers struggle to retain a trained team of experts, Allied Chucker has cultivated an environment that supports our workforce and provides incentives for talent to remain. Our assembly team, in particular, is highly trained for all assembly projects, ensuring every order is fulfilled according to precise requirements. Furthermore, our team is dedicated to providing quick service and high-quality assembly results, as we understand the value of our customers’ time.

World Class Customer Service for Assembly Services and More!

With decades of experience backing our work, Allied Chucker knows that no two assembly projects are identical. Because of this, our team puts a high value on communication, understanding that this is the key to a job well done. We listen to our customers, analyzing the challenges they bring to us so that we can suggest the best possible solutions, whether that involves assembly or another specialized service. By partnering with Allied Chucker, all of your assembly needs will be met with excellence and ease.