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CNC Machining

In our industry, manufacturing services are often optimized for efficiency through the use of automated tools controlled by computer software known as CNC machining. At Allied Chucker, we invest in high-quality CNC machining equipment to ensure our customers receive the best possible service. Explore everything our company has to offer in terms of CNC machining:

Our CNC Machine Products and Equipment

At Allied Chucker, we pride ourselves on not only investing in industry leading CNC machinery, but also maintaining a sizable quantity of equipment to ensure that our team is always able to offer quick turnaround times. Notably, at any given moment during production, we have 90 CNC machines running.

These machines perform internal and external machining operations, employing automated load and unload features to streamline the manufacturing process. Furthermore, with over a dozen specialized finishing and grinding machines, it has become necessary to use no-contact automatic unloading that is designed to specifically check every part for faults and implement corrections.


Our CNC Manufacturing Sites

Allied Chucker specializes in complex driveline components, utilizing our tool room facility and extensive CAD-CAM expertise. Our manufacturing facilities feature twenty CNC machining centers.

Materials for CNC Machined Products

Most Allied Chucker projects begin with a casting or forging of nodular iron, steel, or alloys. Our team primarily produces large components from these materials, with a product diameter range of 6-inches to 20-inches. These CNC capabilities allow our business to easily serve the needs of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle focused customers.

High Volume CNC Capabilities

Because we have such a large number of CNC machines at our disposal, Allied Chucker is able to meet the high-volume production needs of many customers. CNC machining particularly allows our team to produce a higher quantity of high-precision parts. If you are looking for a company that can handle your tight-tolerance requirements, you have come to the right place.