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Gear Hobbing

As one of our key manufacturing services, Allied Chucker offers hobbing capabilities, which allows us to produce finished gear products for our customers. By investing in high-quality hobbing machines, our team is well-equipped for all gear cutting, spline cutting, and sprocket cutting projects that customers send our way!

The Gear Hobbing Process

The gear hobbing process typically involves a gear hobbing machine and a cutting tool called a hob. This cutting tool forms gear teeth and splines on the outer diameters being tooled. A significant advantage of the gear hobbing process is that it is considerably cost-effective while maintaining tight tolerances, making it a popular service choice for many customers.

Gear Hobbing Machines

Hobbing equipment is available as vertical or horizontal machines. Horizontal machines are ideal for hobbing longer workpieces, while vertical machines are used for more standard projects. As a company committed to meeting every project’s requirements, Allied Chucker uses both vertical and horizontal equipment.

Superior Gear Hobbing With Allied Chucker

While it is unusual for a company of our size to have so many robots and automated processes for services like gear hobbing, it has become the standard for Allied Chucker to employ a full range of industry-leading technology. Due to our long history in our industry, Allied Chucker is proud to be a dependable gear hobbing service provider that puts customers’ needs first.